The Director


A visionary entrepreneur, Mr. Chuah Tiong Lai with 25 years experience in the manufacturing, production and management of the rice industry.



“ Rice is the almost important dietry needs of the Asian community. As the main supplement of nutrients and energy in our daily diet, we place great emphasize in producing the highest quality rice and ensured that our quality controls are in par with international standards, if not better. With the right focus on quality consistency, high efficiency as well as the consumer’s satisfaction being our topmost priority, we believe our consumers are greatly assured of quality and the freshness in all of Hok Hin Chang’s rice products at high availability and within competitive pricing.

We are ultimately proud to be a part of this esteemed tradition of rice production for the generations of today and tomorrow.”


Management Team

Our management team has grown in the past 30 years with deep insights and open foresights in the rice production industry.

We believe the core ingredient of our success lies on our strategy of doing it right the first time, whereby this means a more effective process to track and sharpen our strategies henceforth.

A philosophy of honor remains at the helm of our company’s operation which compels us to excel as team for results that we are proud to achieve.

Even as the market demand for rice and ensure that our consumers continue an uninterrupted enjoyment of HHC’s quality products.