Hok Hin Chang began as a rice mill in Taiping in 1984. Through years of practicing its expertise, Hock Hin Chang has todayachieved tremendous milestones and significant growth in the rice production industry. Hok Hin Chang believes that because rice is every person’s basic dietary need, it has taken hold as its mission the drive to produce only the finest quality of rice under Hok Hin Chang’s stringent quality control.

All Hok Hin Chang products are packed and sealed with this strong assurance for the benefit of the consumer.

What is our

Mission & Vision?

Aspiring to be the industry leader in quality rice production and distribution, HHC is confident of achieving and turning this into a reality with its wealth of technological capabilities, dedicated workforce and dynamic management.

With the right focus on quality consistency, high efficiency as well as the consumer’s satisfaction being our top most priority.

We believe our consumers are greatly assured of quality and the freshness in all of HHC’s rice products at high availability and within competitive pricing.



On 3rd January 2014, HHC Rice’s were certified with ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP.

It has been a remarkable event as this certification demonstrate HHC Rice’s ability to consistently provide product that meets customer satisfaction and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

HHC Rice is highly concern with our Muslim’s customer, thus HHC Rice was certified Halal by Jakim.